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Case Study for Media Kit: Yacht Cruise of British Columbia with Un-Cruise Adventures

This is a case study example of the coverage we can offer when you work with us on a press trip. In the spring of 2013, we worked with Un-Cruise Adventures to publicize and photograph their cruise of British Columbia. Before, during, and after the cruise, we Tweeted often about our adventures and, when we returned, we shared articles and photos via other social media such as Facebook and Pinterest. Tom took hundreds of photos during the cruise and Un-Cruise Adventures used a number of them on their web site and publicity materials and even shared one with USA Today.

Tom's Orca photo.

Tom’s Orca photo.


USA Today2

Tom’s kayaking photo on USA Today.

After the cruise, I wrote about our experience on our travel blog and in a variety of venues, both print and online. Here is a list of those articles. I can provide more detailed information upon request.

Cruising the Islands of British Columbia An article about our cruise experience on Travel Squire.

Gunkholing the Islands of British Columbia An article on Travel + Escape, a Canadian travel web site with over half a million readers.

Why Small Ship Cruises Are Better An article on Travel + Escape which talks about a number of small ship cruises, including Un-Cruise Adventures.

An Un-Cruise Adventure in the Pacific Northwest An article in the print magazine “Ky Doc” for health care professionals in the Central Kentucky area.

Gunkholing Around the Islands of British Columbia An article in “Harbors” the in-flight print magazine for Kenmore Air.

Yacht Cruising in British Columbia An article on the New Zealand travel web site, Travel Generation.

Killer Whales Hunting a Sea-Lion An article on our travel blog about an afternoon spent watching these incredible creatures.

Luxury Yacht Cruising with Un-Cruise Adventures in British Columbia An account of our week on the Safari Quest yacht on our travel blog

We also have several articles coming out in the next few months.

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