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The Best New Way to Book a Hotel: Yonderbound

Posted by on April 10, 2015

Yonderbound HeaderBannerBecause our careers are now writing and photographing travel destinations, we spend a lot of time in a variety of accommodations. A comfortable, clean, and preferably unique and interesting location to stay is very important to us. So, when we make plans for a trip, we always read online reviews and try to find the least expensive (but nice) place to stay.

We have also learned that location is extremely important after paying for an expensive cab ride in both Seattle and Niagara Falls to get us either from the airport or where we needed to be in the city. We love to read actual reviews and travel blog posts from people who have stayed in the locations we are considering and have found that they are much more helpful than any PR from the location itself.

There are a number of sites where you can find information, reviews, and even book accommodations but they are not without controversy; some claim that accommodations even do their own reviews. But now there is a new player in town that provides not only some of the most reasonable rates online (which include taxes and fees) but also reviews from travel bloggers and writers who have actually visited many of the hotels. Yonderbound is a new web site where you can read reviews, book accommodations, and even access more detailed information about a location.

They have something pretty unique called Yonderboxes which can be written by anyone and can include specific hotels and even restaurants and activities they suggest for your destination. You can even make money from referrals if people book hotels after reading your reviews!

I will be writing for this web site and am very excited about the possibilities. You should check it out! Here’s a $10 credit towards your first booking – let me know what you think!

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