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How to Dress for Your Next Flight

Posted by on September 8, 2014

girl with suitcaseI settled into the fairly comfortable seat in the airport, resigned to the fact that I had three hours to kill until my flight. Pulling a book out of my tote bag, I paused for a moment to watch the people passing by, always an entertaining way to spend some time in an airport or any location where folks who have no idea how to shop/dress congregate.

Which is pretty much everywhere today. And once again I was astonished at the amazing assortment of outfits that women had chosen to wear when traveling.

Wait. What? Cut off jean shorts so indescribably short that her butt cheeks were flashing as she walked by. Flash, flash, flash, OMG. High strappy sandals so ridiculously inappropriate and obviously uncomfortable that the woman wearing them was actually wincing as she walked. So many inappropriately dressed women walked by that I took out my phone and made some notes about what you actually should wear to travel.

So, here you go. Next time you plan what to wear for that flight, check out these suggestions.

1. Shorts. Nothing wrong with shorts when you travel; in fact, if you are traveling from one warm location to another, it makes sense although your legs may be a little chilly if the air conditioning is high. But there are shorts and there are shorts. Pack those frayed cut off blue jeans shorts away in your suitcase to wear at the beach and instead wear a classy pair of slightly longer shorts that fit well. I’m a fan of the new high-waisted, loose leg shorts that are popular this summer but any sort of nice, city shorts will do.


Shorts for Air Travel


2. Pants. First, let me be clear. Leggings are not pants. Let me repeat because there seem to be many people who do not understand this concept. Leggings are not pants. Oh, and by the way? Neither are pajamas pants actual pants that you should wear in public. I saw examples of both of these in the airport. Leggings are perfect acceptable if they are worn under a short dress or a long top or sweater but by themselves? Shudder. Either wear them that way or choose nice slacks or even well-fitting jeans although it’s been my experience that even the best fitting jeans don’t travel well and start to chafe at a certain point. Never a comfortable way to travel.


Pants for Air Travel
3. Dresses. Honestly, the nicest dressed women I saw at the airport were wearing dresses. Not dressed to the nines, uncomfortable dresses but cute, flowy sundresses – and many of them were maxi dresses which I had never considered wearing to travel and am now smacking myself up the side of the head because how comfortable would that be?


Dresses for Air Travel
4. Cardigans/Wraps/Pashminas. Whether you are wearing pants, shorts, or a dress, you need to tuck some sort of wrap in your bag that is easily accessible. It’s often very chilly in the airport and on the plane and you will be glad you have that item of clothing.


Cardigans, etc. for Air Travel
5. Shoes. First, please do not be that person who is wearing lace up shoes or shoes with several straps and buckles on the plane. You are a real pain in the butt to those of us who are waiting behind you in security. What you want for air travel is a very comfortable shoe that you can easily slip off and on. Ballet flats or loafers are your friends for air travel and there’s plenty of cute styles and colors available. You might find some cute slip on sandals as well but remember that your feet may get very cold, especially if you are sitting in the exit row.
Shoes to Wear for Air Travel


OK, now here are a few suggested outfits just because I am looking after your better interests and not at all because I am enthralled with Polyvore.
OK, the latter.


What to Wear for Your Next Flight
Of course, these are suggestions based on summer travel and other seasons might be completely different. The bottom line when you travel is to be comfortable and classy. It’s not impossible because I saw many women who looked very, very nice but not overly dressed up.
Be one of the second group.
And for God’s sake.
Please don’t wear leggings as pants.
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