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Step Away from the Souvenirs

Posted by on August 21, 2013

souvenirs-305x180I picked up a green glass ashtray emblazoned with the name of an iconic city in Mexico while browsing in the local Goodwill store the other day and chuckled inwardly. The person who picked that up in a shop in Mexico must have thought it was a great souvenir. After all, they packed it and brought it all the way back home and, I assumed, placed it on their coffee table. But at some point, it lost its appeal and ended up in a Goodwill donation box. Not so great after all. But what is the perfect souvenir? It’s one that you love or you know the recipient will love. One that you/they will treasure, talk about and show to everyone.

Here’s what to consider before you make your next souvenir mistake.

Step away if it has the name of the location placed anywhere on it

No matter what it is, no matter how the name is placed upon it, this is never a good choice and you will regret it. The person you are considering buying it for will regret it even more. That shot glass from Cozumel you think is just so fabulous? Just a dust catcher to the recipient.

Step away if it’s a cheap t-shirt

Those signs that say, “Three t-shirts for $10”? You might as well go ahead and buy one for your cat because that’s who it will fit after you wash it once.

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