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Seattle Hostels: Not Just for Backpackers Anymore

Posted by on May 15, 2013
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MH900310230After I had already arranged our recent stay in Seattle with two lovely area hotels, I found some information about hostels on Hostelbookers for hostels which are available in Seattle and was immediately intrigued. Although booking a hostel did not work out on this trip, I am seriously considering a hostel stay in the future. Does this sound crazy for two retired travelers who normally stay in luxury accommodations? Aren’t hostels just for kids and backpackers?

Not anymore.

Most of what you read and hear about hostels is certainly about young people who are traveling around the world with a backpack slung over their shoulders, always looking for the cheapest possible accommodations, and who don’t mind sharing a dorm room with several others.

Just for future reference?

We will never share a dorm room with several others.

And, surprisingly, with many hostels today, you don’t have to share a room or even a bathroom if that is your choice. Especially in big cities like Seattle, hostels come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges – but the one thing you can count on is that they are going to be much cheaper than even the cheapest hotel. You can find reviews for many hostels on Tripadvisor under “Specialty Lodging” and check them out before you book.

The Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle is a good example of a hostel which offers both private and dorm rooms, and it’s located right across the street from the Pike Place Market. We had to walk several blocks from our hotels to get to the market. This hostel has a view of Puget Sound and is a newly remodeled location in the Elliot Hotel Building, a beautiful historic building with brand new bathrooms, kitchen and common areas. With Pike Place Market so close, you can choose from lots of shopping options as well as plenty of restaurants. If you want to save a little money, just pick up some fresh fish, produce and freshly baked bakery items to take back to the hostel. In addition, they have free wifi (can’t tell you how many times we have paid for this hotels), a free breakfast, and even a free dinner three times a week.

The Green Tortoise Hostel

The Green Tortoise Hostel

Free wifi and free meals sounds pretty good, but what about a hot tub? Yep, you can even find one of those at the City Hostel Seattle. With an art-focused theme, this hostel has art on every wall and you can even purchase original art from the local artist responsible for the artwork.

Entrance to the City Hostel

Entrance to the City Hostel


Colorful artwork everywhere at the City Hostel Seattle.

Colorful artwork everywhere at the City Hostel Seattle.

  These are just two examples of some of the interesting, eclectic and quite comfortable hostels you will find in Seattle from Hostelbookers.

Seriously. Who knew?

The next time we are planning our accommodations in a city, I’m going to check which hostels are available. With amenities like free wifi, free meals and a hot tub along with a private room, it sounds just as good as hotel.


It’s half the price.

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