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River Street Inn; Savannah, Georgia

Posted by on August 1, 2012

Front of the River Street Inn

I promised you when I wrote about the wonderful, wonderful time we had at the Tall Ships Challenge in Savannah, Georgia in May that I would come back and tell you about our stay in the truly fabulous River Street Inn and now here I am.

Keeping that promise.

Because I had been to Savannah before and had shopped and meandered down the Savannah Riverfront, I had a pretty good idea that this hotel was going to be in a great location but I really had no idea how absolutely perfect the location and how truly beautiful the hotel would be.

We pulled up in front of the hotel and were a little concerned at how small the parking lot was but this ended up not being a problem at all as you just drop off your luggage and park less than a block away in a parking structure. They give you a parking pass at the front desk and you don’t have to pay a cent to park there.

Pretty nice.

Because the hotels and shops all along Bay Street which back up to River Street are all at street level, not at river level, there is a pretty interesting and unique configuration. There are bridges which cross over the lower, alley level that leads down to the river.

Bridges to the hotel.

We got out our luggage, Tom went and parked the car and we sashayed over the bridge to our hotel where we proceeded to be charmed to no end. The front desk staff was friendly and obliging – we soon found out how obliging, more about that later – and we headed out of the lovely lobby to the  hallway where we immediately dropped our luggage and took approximately 4,631 pictures because the hallway! It was so beautiful! Even the view from the window in the hallway atrium of the front area was lovely.

In front of the hotel.

The hallway to the rooms - actually a beautiful atrium.

It is when you actually enter the hotel and see the incredibly beautiful interior that you really begin to appreciate the history of the place.

Another view of the beautiful atrium hallway.

Gorgeous, dark hardwood floors, oriental rugs, beautiful paintings and unique light fixtures make this truly a lovely space. Finally, we headed through the brick entrance into the hallway to our room.

Seriously. Even the hallways to the rooms are lovely.

Finally, we made it to our room. All of the guest rooms are different with different themes and decor but they all have hardwood floors or lovely carpeting, incredible four-poster or ironwork headboard beds, hand painted furnishings and floor length windows. Some rooms face the Savannah River to the north and some face the beautiful historic district to the south.

One of the guestrooms. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

One of the guest rooms. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

We were absolutely thrilled with our room. Beautifully furnished, it overlooked the Savannah River and all the hooplah that was going on with the Tall Ships Challenge.

View from our window.

While we were admiring our view, a parade of the crew from the Indonesian ship came marching down the street, drums beating, music playing loudly. We were thrilled.

A parade! Right outside our window!

We could clearly hear the band, the excited people, all the activity right outside our window. How great was this! We could see everything! We were right in the middle of things!

What we neglected to consider until approximately 3:00 A.M. was that all that noise and excitement was going to be readily apparent and easily discernible all night long.

It did not take long – until about 3:00, actually – before we realized that, even though we adored our view, we had made a terrible mistake in the riverfront room. I don’t think this is a common problem – just when there are huge events going on right outside your window.

Forlornly, the next morning I went to the front desk where I explained the situation. I did not have high hopes. The hotel was probably full. They would probably not want to move us. It was probably a huge waste of time.

You all.

Not only did they apologize for our experience, they insisted on moving our luggage for us while we were gone that day touring around. We returned to find our things all settled in a lovely, much larger room that faced the city and was blissfully quiet.

So basically, not only is this hotel completely gorgeous in every way and located in the most perfect place you will find in Savannah, they are truly concerned with making sure their guests are comfortable.

Thanks, River Street Inn.

Full disclosure: Our stay was provided by The River Street Inn, but as always, I will share my honest opinion about any travel experiences I have.

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2 Responses to River Street Inn; Savannah, Georgia

  1. Tamika D.

    Oh what a beautiful place & hotel. Looking forward to going back very soon. Fab photos!
    Tamika D. recently posted..Love, Peace & Dunwoody Pt. 3 of 3

  2. inka

    I can understand why you took appox. 4000 photos of the lobby alone. What a hotel.Soooo me.
    inka recently posted..Essaouira – the Moroccan Woodstock

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