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The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona

Posted by on May 18, 2012

I fell in love on the Internet.

No, not with my husband. The Internet had not been invented back then. Yes, kiddies (get off my lawn!) there was a time many, many years ago when you had to get out the daily newspaper and check the movie section to find out the time for the showing of a movie called “Jaws” which nobody had heard of and everyone thought would be a real yawn-fest about a fish, for God’s sake and then go on a blind date with someone you had never seen before. And fall in love and get married and be together 35 years later. So, yeah.

It wasn’t him I fell in love with on the Internet. That happened at the movies when he didn’t mind that I was climbing in his lap because shark!shark!shark!

It was the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona that I fell in love with on the Internet.

Well. Look.

Wouldn’t you?

Photo courtesy of the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa

There was no question in my mind where we would stay in Scottsdale once I saw this picture of the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. Because, seriously. Is that not gorgeous or what? And I am here to tell you that it is just as fabulous in reality.

The day we were to check in to the Westin Kierland started out as a good day and things only got better from there. We decided to have lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Scottsdale before we checked in and apparently I just don’t eat at enough fast food restaurants because they had seriously the coolest soft drink dispenser I have ever seen.

In my life.

Seriously. Coolest soft drink dispenser ever.

You chose your soft drink, then you got to choose a flavoring to put in it. A variety of flavorings. I just stood in open-jawed amazement and was so overwhelmed that they had something this totally fabulous in Scottsdale and thank heavens we got to see such cool things on our travels and then Tom totally burst my amazement bubble by informing me that we had a Five Guys in Lexington and they had a drink machine just like that. Huh. Who knew? Now, I might feel a little more geekish about my obsession with this drink dispenser except that I went online to find out more info and you would not believe the number of videos on youtube about it. Like this one.

So, yeah. Pretty fab drink dispenser. Then we still had a little time before checkin so we went to the Kierland Commons, this wonderful shopping center with tons of great stores that is located literally steps from the Westin Kierland. And I bought two darling tops on sale at Chico’s. So, I was on a high that could only be induced from raspberry flavored Diet Coke and two darling tops bought on sale when we drove into the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa so you might think I could not get any happier.

You would be wrong.

The entrance to the Westin Kierland is gorgeously landscaped with colorful flowers, palm trees and local plantings.

All of the grounds are just this lovely.

And when you step in to the lobby, you are immediately entranced by the view through the huge windows out to the open air restaurant, the fire pit and the golf course.

The lovely, lovely view.

It’s very classy and yet kitschy at the same time with touches like him.

Why, yes, yes that is a marble bear in the lobby.

Another cool thing about the lobby is that every evening they bring out this completely marvelous dessert cart with a huge selection of freshly made desserts. After eating some of the chocolate cake, I wanted to stay for a couple of weeks so I could sample everything on the cart. I probably should have taken a picture of the dessert cart but did you hear me say chocolate cake? I got sidetracked, is what I’m saying.

We got checked in and headed up to our room, where we were once again mesmerized by the fantastic view. Although I am not personally a golfer, if I was I would come here to golf because it is so beautiful. There’s also a ton of things for families to do here including a 900-foot lazy river ride that I could spend an entire day experiencing. When you are tired of lounging around although that time never happens to me you can check out the fitness area and the tennis courts.

View from our room - hard to tear yourself away!

We were in a deluxe room with a king bed which was perfect but they have a variety of accommodations, all the way up to the Presidential Suite with 2,135 square feet! We settled in, then quickly changed our clothes and headed downstairs to Dreamweaver’s Canyon, an open terrace area with plenty of seating and a large firepit. We were anxious to see the “Scottish Pipes at Sunset Series” which takes place in Dreamweaver’s Canyon every evening at 5:30. The bagpipe playing is a  nod to the contributions made by the Scottish immigrants to the development of Arizona’s railroads, mines and towns.

Tom and I both have a Scottish heritage and there is absolutely nothing like the wailing melody of the bagpipe to make your heart clench up and tears come to your eyes. When Michael McClanathan strolled out by the lake with his traditional Scottish garb and began playing, the entire crowd fell silent.

Incredibly moving.

After the bagpipe performance, we headed over to the Waltz & Weiser Saloon which offers an upscale bar menu and appetizers. You can eat inside while watching a game on the flat-screen televisions or you can eat outside in the Dreamweaver’s Canyon Courtyard.  It was a clear, beautiful and cool evening in the desert, so we sat outside and enjoyed it. They have a pretty extensive menu and I recommend the Nachos although you should share them because it’s a portion approximately as large as your head. But good.

I should have held this plate by my head so you could see how truly huge it was.

We slept peacefully that night in our wonderfully comfy room, then headed over to the Brittlebush Bar & Grill for breakfast the next morning. We did manage to get a little lost since the grounds are so extensive and the restaurant is a little hidden (at least from us) in the golf course clubhouse but we made our way there and I am so glad we did because I had the best French Toast I have ever eaten. Ever. I was intrigued by the description of “Cornbread French Toast” on the menu and wondered how they could make French Toast out of cornbread and wouldn’t it just fall apart? I am here to tell you that not only does it not fall apart, it is good. Good, good, good.

Cornbread French Toast with prickly pear syrup. You should order this immediately.

After breakfast, I ditched Tom and proceeded to have a completely fabulous day at the Agave Spa, which was so completely fabulous that I am going to have to devote an entire blog post to it. Then there was dinner at Deseo which was also completely fabulous and I’m going to tell you all about that as well. See how much you have to look forward to?

So, in conclusion you should absolutely stay at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa because it’s totally one of the nicest places I have ever visited.

And you can walk over and get a soft drink from that drink dispenser at Five Guys.


It’s a win-win situation.

Full disclosure: Our stay was provided by The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, but as always, I will share my honest opinion about any travel experiences I have.


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5 Responses to The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona

  1. Annette | Bucket List Journey

    Scottsdale has some of the most luxurious Resorts and the Westin is definitely one of them! Totally love that soda dispenser, I have never seen anything like it.
    Annette | Bucket List Journey recently posted..Pints & Peas at the Princess of Wales Pub

  2. jenjenk

    i haven’t been to scottsdale in a few years! i definitely need to check this place out the next time i’m out there!
    jenjenk recently posted..France: St Emilion, Day Trip from Bordeaux

  3. Emme Rogers

    Still howling with laughter at your opening paragraph. And the hotel looks nice too.
    Emme Rogers recently posted..Road Tripping #CrossCanada With Cats

  4. My Travel Affairs

    Wow! What a place! One day for sure :)
    My Travel Affairs recently posted..Tour de Pologne – Poznan

  5. Jessica Stevenson

    Beautiful Resort! Stayed there 5 days last summer and i love it! Going back again this summer with my family !I recommend this beautiful resort to everybody!

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