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Swimming and Sunning at the Watercolor Inn & Resort

Posted by on January 5, 2012

I'm taking the advice of this sign at our fabulous beach house at the Watercolor Inn & Resort.

I should probably feel a trifle guilty that it’s going to be in the 30’s at home tonight. I probably should.
But I am way too busy doing this to even think about being guilty.

Why, yes. Yes, that IS me in the heated pool at the Watercolor Inn.

My sister, SIL and I have jetted down to the coast – OK, technically we drove down but jetted sounds so much more fabulous, don’t you think? – to spend a few days in the quite lovely beach area of South Walton. There are 15 diverse and equally beautiful and unique beach areas and a variety of gorgeous resorts in South Walton, so it’s a great place to choose for a vacation. We are starting our girlfriends getaway in Santa Rosa Beach at the fabulous Watercolor Inn & Resort. Santa Rosa Beach was named one of the “10 Best Beach Destinations for 2011” by Yahoo! Travel and, once you are staying here, it’s easy to see why.

When we arrived last night, we saw the incredible beach at sunset.


Then, we saw the same beach in the morning.

Seriously. Just how white is that sand? How blue is the water? How totally fabulous is this beach at the Watercolor Inn & Resort?
It was chilly when we arrived last night, but then the weather obligingly decided that if we could drive all the way from the 30 degree weather in Kentucky, we should be provided with blue skies, warm sun and temperatures in the high 60’s.
We are staying in a completely gorgeous, beautifully decorated, 3-bedroom beach house which has four count ’em four flat screen TV’s, one in the lovely living room and one in each bedroom. Think about it. We each not only have our own bedroom, we each have our own TV. I actually haven’t seen my two traveling companions since we arrived.
Oh, I kid.
They were not about to miss dinner last night at the Watercolor Inn where we had a completely delicious meal at The Gathering Spot which, I’m just going to confess right now, I entirely snarfed down before I realized I should have taken a picture of so you could live vicariously through our gastronomic experiences. I’ll try to do better, I promise.
I’m going to tell you more about our house and about the Inn and beautiful resort area in great detail but you should know that I am not a person you should count on to actually get you to the house or the Inn.
Because my SIL and I ran over to the beach in front of the Inn last night to get those sunset pictures, which is approximately 3-4 blocks from our house and then we could not find our way back.
I’m just a little embarrassed to admit that we were actually on our street but we knew our house was at the end of the street and the numbers did not match where we needed to go. Why, no. No, we did not think to go to the other end of the street. Instead we wandered around for quite some time, then we actually used the GPS to plot our way back to our house.
Which was, as you recall, 3-4 blocks away.
We are supposed to meet a friend from the Visit South Walton group tonight for dinner.
I hope he reads this post and understands why we are a couple of hours late.
It may take us that long to admit defeat and program the GPS.

Full disclosure: The Sandestin Resort and the Watercolor Inn and Resort are providing us with accommodations and Visit South Walton is helping with arrangements,  but as always, I will share my honest opinion about any travel experiences I have.

4 Responses to Swimming and Sunning at the Watercolor Inn & Resort

  1. eileen ludwig

    Love that you are off and wandering again to the panhandle. How long is your drive to jet down there?
    eileen ludwig recently posted..Exciting Universal Macy’s Holiday Parade Memories Past Present Future

  2. Annie - FootTracker

    you got me jealous. After seeing that beautiful white sand beach, I totally wish summer is here now!
    Annie – FootTracker recently posted..My Random Travel Addiction – Japan Issue

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