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My Around-the-World Christmas Tree

Posted by on December 19, 2011

When my husband and I went on our first big trip, I had never thought about buying Christmas tree ornaments while traveling. I was too thrilled to be on an actual cruise ship, headed to tropical locations I had only dreamed about in the past. Even though I had technically been a traveler my whole life since my dad was in the Marine Corps, most of our vacations included heading back to the mountains of Kentucky or the beaches of Pensacola to visit family. Fun, but hardly the globe-trekking I yearned for.

It wasn’t until I noticed a little, lifesaver ring Christmas ornament in a shop in Key West and thought how cute it would be on my tree that an idea was born. And so the travel Christmas tree ornament buying tradition had begun. Much to my husband’s chagrin.

Oh, I kid.

He’s fine with carting home tiny little Eiffel Towers and painted seashells and other sparkly things that catch my fancy. Or at least he doesn’t complain which is basically the same thing, right?

So, let’s take a little trip around my Christmas tree and let me show you some of my ornaments, although I will spare you a trip to the kitchen where I have magnets covering my fridge because yes, I am that person who buys magnets and Christmas tree ornaments when I am traveling. In case you have ever seen either of those things in a shop and wondered who in the world would buy something like that. Now you know. That would be me.

I’m sure my children will be thrilled someday when I am gone and they are divvying up the magnets and Christmas tree ornaments and it’s like no, you take the magnet from the aquarium in Seattle and the windmill ornament from Amsterdam no, please, I’m begging you to take it. Seriously. I will pay you to take that magnet bottle opener from Vegas. I will pay you. I know they can’t wait.

In the meantime, I enjoy all my junkie little magnets and ornaments – they may be junk but they are my junk and I like them.

Here’s our Christmas tree. What’s that you said? There are a lot of presents under that tree? Well, I have one word for you. Grandson. My children may possibly wonder why my grandson is surrounded by approximately 6,821 presents on Christmas morning and they have just opened a box of underwear and possibly some new socks, but I say again. Grandson. Someday they will understand.

I think I might be able to fit one more present under there. OK. Maybe not.

It's amazing this sand dollar ornament from Pensacola, Florida has survived all these years.

Here's that ornament from Key West. We had a tiny stateroom on the Celebrity Century and thought we HAD ARRIVED.

On our second cruise, we went to Bermuda and found out that all cruise shops are not alike. WHO KNEW?

I have been to the Bahamas twice and not been particularly impressed either time. I may have to give them another chance.

San Francisco is one of our favorite places, even though I don't believe it ever gets really warm there.

We adore cruising, so this one seemed particularly appropriate.

I have been to Alaska twice and both times were on a cruise ship. I want to head inland on my next trip.

I bought these at the flower market in Amsterdam and I love them.

From a little shop in Germany.

You KNEW I had an Eiffel Tower ornament, didn't you?

We spent a week at a beach house in Tybee Island, Georgia last summer and loved it there.

I am not a huge fan of Elvis but I am a huge fan of my sister-in-law and when she wanted to visit Graceland, by God, we visited Graceland.

A tiny replica of the huge violin on display in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Portland, Maine drenched us in rain but we had a great foodie tour so we forgave them.

We loved the beautiful lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

Well, I have more but I wouldn’t want you to have to spend too much time on this blog when you probably still have Christmas shopping to or other holidays to celebrate or possibly don’t celebrate any holidays at all this time of year. Whatever. You come out ahead in the not having to shop category in that case.

I’ll leave you with one last ornament that my good friend Vicki gave me last year for my tree. I know Vicki is a good friend because not only does she buy me singularly appropriate Christmas tree ornaments, we shared a small cruise ship stateroom for an entire Caribbean cruise and are still friends.

That is true friendship, my faithful readers. True friendship.

Happy Holidays to all!



14 Responses to My Around-the-World Christmas Tree

  1. wandering educators

    love your ornaments! they make me happy – i, too, collect ornaments from our travels. :)
    wandering educators recently posted..A Taste of Vienna’s Christkindlmarkt

  2. John in France

    Our tree looks very similar! We have an 8ft high real tree. Do you or your friends still set up real trees? The slight problem with them is that my son and I both get hayfever from them, but it’s worth it for the sweet smell!!!
    John in France recently posted..The Louvre – Forbidden Love

    • admin

      No real trees for us. My father-in-law was a fireman and saw way too many fires from them!

  3. Melinda Eliza

    What an amazing collection! Great post. :)
    Melinda Eliza recently posted..Simplify – Simplify – Simplify: The Power of Black and White Photography

  4. eileen ludwig

    Nice collection you have going there. Grandson is a very lucky guy. He is definitely going to like the grandparents.
    eileen ludwig recently posted..Beneifts and joys of CommentLuv Premium

  5. Felly

    Christmas is really here and for sure, a lot of people are excited about it especially those kids…
    Felly recently posted..About Internet Marketing

  6. Weltenbummler*in

    Pretty cool! You should go to South Africa, they incredible lovely christmas ornaments there. Mostly inspired by the Xhosa bead-art.

  7. Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista

    My tree is a journey through our travels with a very heavy emphasis on Germany. That darn Kathe Wohlfarht got a hold of me many years ago! I think we have the same ornament from San Francisco :)
    Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista recently posted..Get into the festive spirit with a visit to London’s winter ice rinks!

  8. Micky

    Very cute idea here!!I love it!!
    Micky recently posted..second hand cars stroud

  9. adventureswithben

    I do the same thing and also linked back to your post from one I did. LOVE LOVE LOVE your tree.
    adventureswithben recently posted..How to Create a Travel-Themed Christmas Tree

    • admin

      Thanks for the link. I was surprised to see we had the same idea, but I guess a lot of travelers have ’round the world trees!

  10. Claire

    Even though they say that they can be seen as a fire hazard I always like the smell of a real tree so have banned any non-real trees from the house. I think as long as you are careful you are okay with them but I guess a fireman would tell me otherwise!?
    Claire recently posted..You have more choice and more options when you watch TV on your PC

  11. Erica Hargreave @ Roamancing

    What a great way to collect ornaments for the tree. That really would bring back such wonderful memories each year.

    Erica Hargreave @ Roamancing recently posted..Happy 2012!

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