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I Have Travel Writer ADD

Posted by on December 9, 2011

On any given morning, I take my Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper – we all get our caffeine fixes in our own way, thankyouverymuch – in my Tervis cup with lots of ice because we Southerners are all about lots of ice and settle down in front of my computer, all prepared to get a ton of work done.

And when I made that link for the Tervis Cup because I love them so much not because Tervis gave me a free cup, I accidentally typed in Tevis Cup and did you know there actually is a Tevis Cup and it’s the Official site of the world’s best known and most difficult Equestrian Endurance Ride and this is how I often get distracted.

But I have great intentions.

Great, great intentions.

But you all know what the road to hell is paved with.

I’m going to write an article, no wait make that two articles or I have so many ideas I bet I can whip out three articles this morning. No problem. I am just so frakkin’ energized, I’m going to organize all those travel photos and send those emails about press trips and read all my email and finally get those other things done, all those other things, in fact I am going to get everything done.

I am a virtual whirlwind of efficiency. I am a travel writer, by God.

And then I click on Firefox.

And the time suck begins.

I have to check all my email. Seriously, it’s really important to check my email immediately. Someone might have contacted me about a trip or replied to an email about a trip or is giving me an idea about a trip or maybe it’s even someone who has already booked a trip for me or has already given me a trip and would like to know just when that article I promised is going to appear?Or maybe it’s just an email from my husband who wants to know have I done thus and such yet or from friends or family and I can’t just ignore them, now can I?

Then, I have to see from my emails who is following me on Twitter and do I want to follow them back or not or is it totally rude not to follow them back and then I have to actually go to Twitter to follow them and I see someone who follows them that I might want to follow too but I have to read their web page first and then, while I am on Twitter I might as well check to see what everyone is saying and geeze get out of Twitter because you know that Twitter NEVER ENDS.

Then, I have to check Facebook and all the comments and photos and videos of flash mobs and Pinterest and and please you cannot justify that this is all about working on travel writing.

But just one more thing and that’s to check my Google Reader and this becomes the time suck to end all time sucks because I have to read or at least briefly check on each post and I should comment some and this post is really good and I should Stumble and Tweet it and OMG don’t even look at Twitter again because there are 5,931 more Tweets since you last looked and don’t you dare go back to Facebook to see who has updated.

Then I actually try to get some work done but while I am organizing photos for an article, I get distracted by other photos and realize I should totally write an article about that and then when I have that idea, I realize I forgot to make a note to contact that hotel about that trip next month and then when I go to see if that hotel is on Twitter so I can follow them, I read some Tweets and almost get sucked back in but no I am strong and I go back to the photos and then I see one that reminds me that I should totally send that photo to my daughter and I go to my email to do that and then I have to read  my new emails and there is one that I should really reply to

OK. I’m pretty well organized now. Ready to write. All ready!


It’s lunchtime.

Well, as soon as I finish lunch, I’ll start on that article. Or two. Or possibly three.

Just as soon as I check Twitter. And maybe Facebook. And my email of course.

10 Responses to I Have Travel Writer ADD

  1. Emme Rogers @ Roamancing

    Still chuckling at the immediately defensive reaction to the Cherry Dr. Pepper.
    Emme Rogers @ Roamancing recently posted..Vancouver Theatre: A Christmas Carol at Pacific Theatre

  2. David @ Malaysia Asia

    lol… I have that same problem with focusing on trying to do one thing at a time… just too many distractions!…. See I did it again, back to writing my article..
    David @ Malaysia Asia recently posted..Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)

  3. Erica Hargreave

    Amazing how much time can be lost in the blink of an eye online.

    I always turn off message indicators for this reason.
    Erica Hargreave recently posted..How Would You Spend a Day to Yourself in Cairo?

  4. Red Nomad OZ

    Hahaha! How did you manage to download my brain?!?!?! I’d be laughing even harder if it wasn’t so true …
    Red Nomad OZ recently posted..The 3-Car, 2-Beach, One Fine Day!

  5. Lux

    This is so true! The number of times I’ve that – well I’d rather not count! Have a great productive week :) Now I must log off I must log off (and repeat)….
    Lux recently posted..Monday Movie: What a Wonderful World

  6. jenjenk

    ha! i need to be a lot more focused considering that I have a full time job so I can only do this for a limited time after I get home!! I still have a hard time focusing…*SIGH*
    jenjenk recently posted..Istanbul, Turkey: Beyoglu

  7. Suzy

    Ha! This is me every morning too. So many distractions, so little time.
    Suzy recently posted..The Annoying People You Meet in The Airport

  8. Ada

    I have so been there. Like every day. *sigh* I blame social media for all my failures. đŸ˜‰
    Ada recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Cabin Fever?

  9. eileen ludwig

    That is so funny – yes I do that same thing – if I go to lunch then I need a nap because my eyes won’t stay open – it is like I am in front of the computer forever and working with no productive work coming out – must do something about all this
    eileen ludwig recently posted..Exciting to Meet Astronaut Scott Parazynski for Lunch at Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

  10. Sophie

    Been there :)
    The world is too full of distractions.

    (But Dr Pepper for breakfast…? I’ve only ever encountered that in Texas…)
    Sophie recently posted..The Race for the South Pole

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