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The Red Coach Inn, Niagara Falls

Posted by on November 25, 2011

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It was the huge jacuzzi tub that captivated me. Everything else about this completely fabulous suite at the Red Coach Inn in Niagara Falls was overwhelmingly wonderful, but after a long day of travel, envisioning that luxuriant jacuzzi tub filled with hot water and bubbles absolutely made my day.

After a friendly welcome at the front desk, we were shown to our room and helped with our luggage. To our surprise, we headed not up the stairs but out the front door and down the brick sidewalk to another entrance.

Sidewalk in front of The Red Coach Inn.


Entrance to our suite. There were other suites in there as well.

Our key – an actual, real key and not a key card – opened the front door, we went up a few steps and the key also opened that door. The door with a brass plaque that said “Sheffield Suite”. When we stepped in, I honestly thought we were in a foyer that would open up to several different rooms but no. This foyer was part of our suite.

A beautifully decorated area with burgundy carpet, it had doors leading to a bathroom and to our bedroom. The French doors to the bathroom were opened with flourish and he stepped back to let us get the full effect of. Oh, yes. The jacuzzi tub.

Picture this filled with hot water and bubbles and you have my vision of heaven.

The huge expanse of the room amazed us and it took a minute for us to see it. And seriously? Seriously? Is that a chandelier? Why, yes. Yes it is.

A chandelier. In the bathroom.

When you have a chandelier in your bathroom, you know you have truly arrived.

We thought we had seen the ultimate expanse in this ultimate suite, but the bedroom came a very close second. Also a huge room, it had gorgeous furniture including a comfy king-size bed and a nice desk, a gas fireplace and a little kitchen area with a fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and toaster. You could easily make your own breakfast here but why would you? A full breakfast is included.

There was a telephone with voicemail and free long distance anywhere in the United States, a Bose stereo, a television, free wireless Internet (which we love), plush terrycloth robes, hair dryer, and Gilchrist and Soames amenities from England.

Great, comfy bed.


Warm and cozy fireplace.

Our guide opened the fridge to show us a lovely cheese plate, bottled water and champagne.

Our own tiny kitchen.



We also had chocolates and a lovely welcoming letter waiting for us.

Such a thoughtful welcome.

So, basically, I could take a jacuzzi bath with bubbles as I drank champagne and ate chocolate. Then I could wander into the bedroom from the foyer of our suite in my robe and read a book in front of the fire. And you better believe I did all of those things.

The next morning, one of us was sorely tempted to take another bubble bath and get back in bed with cheese, chocolates, a fireplace and a good book but the other one actually wanted to leave the room. Can you imagine?

It’s a good thing Tom routed me out of bed because the wonderful, hot breakfast which is included with your room, was quite divine. The restaurant is a very nice place to relax and enjoy a meal. They have a wood fireplace in a beautiful natural stone fireplace and, in the summer,  the patio would be a wonderful place to eat. You can actually see and hear the rapids which lead to the falls from the patio. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served seven days a week but we only had time for breakfast, which is a shame based on the menu you can see here.

The first morning, I had some delicious oatmeal which had chunks of fresh apples and raisins mixed in. I added brown sugar and milk and wasn’t hungry for hours.

Healthy and delicious - you don't get those two together very often.

The Red Coach Inn has been around for a very long time – they opened for business in 1923. Just for fun, here’s a menu from that time period. Lobster for $1.50 and ice cream for 20 cents. If only!

The Red Coach Inn Menu, early 1900's.

The next morning I decided to forget about being healthy and go all out with a waffle and blueberries. So, so glad I did. You can also get it with strawberries or you can choose one of the many other breakfast choices, including omelets, stuffed French toast, bagel with salmon and lots of others which sound equally delicious.

Fresh waffle and blueberries. Sublime.

All the lovely rooms at The Red Coach Inn have a jacuzzi tub and they even offer two-bedroom suites which would be great for families. You can check their website for more details or download a brochure here. 

When the Red Coach Inn opened in 1923, Niagara Falls was the honeymoon capital of the world and honeymooners were thrilled to have such a wonderful place to stay. The Inn was built built in the architectural style of the old English Tudor period and was named for General LaFayette’s famous red carriage and is actually consider a Bed and Breakfast Hotel, which is why they include the wonderful breakfasts.

We loved that the Inn is located right across the  street from the Upper Rapids of Niagara Falls and one of the first things we did was walk over there and stroll around the area.

View of the rapids.

The Red Coach Inn offers several packages and would be the perfect place for a wedding with it’s truly unique architecture, lovely accommodations and delicious food. It would also be the perfect place for someone who wants to lounge around in a whirlpool tub, eat chocolates and sit in front of a warm fire, then go down to the restaurant and eat wonderful food.

I’m not mentioning any names.

But it was pretty darn wonderful.

Best place to stay in all of Niagara Falls.


Full disclosure: The Red Coach Inn provided us with accommodations,  but as always, I will share my honest opinion about any travel experiences I have.

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