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The Quite Amazing Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil Show

Posted by on July 25, 2011

We both leaned forward instinctively, horrified to think the performers in bright super hero costumes were falling to the stage, certain to be hurt, maybe even killed. Then they bounced into the air and landed agilely right back where they has started, only to do it again and again, landing back on the platform and even, incredibly, hanging onto the walls for a few seconds.

We were at the Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil show at Aria in Las Vegas and we were trying not to sit with our mouths hanging open as the Cirque du Soleil performers went through the most incredible acrobatics we had ever seen. The superhero sequence that had us so enthralled was an ode to Elvis’ love of comic books and the rest of the show presented a series of vignettes that portrayed his life. We have never seen another Cirque du Soleil show, but this one was simply incredible. The sets were amazing, the dancing was excellent, the singing was fantastic and the costumes were quite fabulous.

The segue between sets consisted of pictures and videos flashed on a screen and an actor narrating as Colonel Tom Parker.  Video clips from his movies were shown and featured all the beautiful women who were his c0-stars. Not only was the show wonderful, it was very educational about Elvis’ life and legacy.  The show displays Elvis’ life from the time he is a kid through his singing career to the time he is drafted in the army, when he gets out of the army, his marriage to Priscilla, and his movie career. The show combines Elvis’s music along with dancing, amazing acrobatics and impossible looking feats performed by very talented entertainers. There are touching moments like when Elvis is drafted into the army and and when he marries Priscilla as “I Can’t Help But Falling In Love With You” is played.

One of my favorite sets was the jailhouse they used for “Jailhouse Rock”. Singing, dancing, acrobatics – it had it all and the audience was really singing along for that one.

Viva Elvis “Jailhouse Rock”

Actually,  everyone in the audience, young and old, loved the music and the production and I saw people singing along and dancing in their seats.  You’ll hear popular Elvis tunes like “Love Me Tender,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You,” “Viva Las Vegas,” “Suspicious Minds,” and “Don’t Be Cruel”, just to name a few.

At one point, they lowered a huge, metalwork guitar suspended on cables and two performers hung from it doing acrobatics and wending their way through the spokes and wires to the tune of “One Night”. It was truly amazing.

Viva Elvis “One Night”

I liked the fact that they did not try to have an Elvis impersonator – I think it would have made the show a little cheesy. Instead, at one point, they had most of the cast members dressed in colorful jumpsuits and Elvis wigs for a rendition of  “Viva Las Vegas” that was simply campy and fun.

Viva Elvis “Viva Las Vegas”

The theatre itself was beautifully decorated and the seats we had near the front were very cushioned and comfortable. The show runs one hour and 30 minutes and you can purchase a drink or snack at the snack bar next to the gift shop. Of course, there is plenty of  Elvis memorabilia in the gift shop and you can find the perfect souvenir to take home. You can get your tickets here if you are headed to Vegas anytime soon – and I absolutely recommend that you do so!

Full disclosure: Cirque du Soleil provided us with tickets,  but as always, I will share my honest opinion about any travel experiences I have.


9 Responses to The Quite Amazing Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil Show

  1. jade

    My friend works on this show in Vegas- my friend had pretty much the same opinions- but loves Elvis so that makes it all the more fun for him!

  2. Kris Koeller

    That’s great. We went to Mystere earlier this year and had a blast (it was weird, but in a fun way). Viva Las Vegas, indeed…

  3. Cathy Sweeney

    Viva Elvis sounds like so much fun. I agree with you that an impersonator would have made it cheesy and Cirque du Soleil is certainly not cheesy! I’ve seen their “O” show at Bellagio and was completely in awe of the performance.

  4. inka

    Lucky you that you were able to see such a splendid show and even more lucky to get the tickets for free. I enjoyed ‘being there’ with you.

  5. Renee

    I didn’t think I would like a Vegas show until I actually saw a Vegas show….I think…no, I know that I would love this one. Thanks for letting me know about it. I agree an impersonator would have made it cheesy.

  6. Barbara

    I’ve seen two Cirque de Soleil performances and absolutely loved them. This one sounds AMAZING. Love the trailer.
    I recently read the story of the circus founder and felt very inspired — find the blue water!

  7. Christy @ Technosyncratic

    This looks so fabulous! I have yet to see a Cirque du S’Oleil show, but that needs to be rectified soon. I’m not even that big of an Elvis fan and this still looks awesome… and that hanging guitar/acrobat act must have been really cool.

  8. Andrea

    I love Cirque du Soleil! There are so many shows now, especially in Vegas. If you loved this one you MUST (seriously MUST) see O at the Bellagio. I’ve seen a handful of them and O was by far the best. Literally took my breath away. We booked so early that we had front row seats, which I highly recommend trying to get if you can. John got called up as a volunteer to dance with one of the clowns, which was a riot, but seriously, being so close you can look right into their faces when they perform and feel the air and droplets from the show. Amazing!

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