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It’s Not Too Late to Book Your Holiday Flight

We normally stay home during the holiday season but that’s because we are fortunate that our family all live nearby. Here’s some tips for those of you that have to travel during this time. This post was posted by The Hipmunk on Hipmunk’s  Tailwind blog on October 20, 2015. If you want to fly this … Continue reading »

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From Nice to Naughty: When Good Travelers Go Bad

We have been fortunate to never witness really bad behavior when traveling (although we have been sorely tempted to display some of our own when exhausted) although we have seen plenty of very rude people. But these statistics may open your eyes to what is happening out there! This post was posted by The Hipmunk … Continue reading »

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Cities Less Traveled – Badhoevedorp, Netherlands

Badhoevedorp is a charming and typical Dutch village in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. Visitors are often confused by the country of Netherlands, and refer to it as Holland, while Holland is actually one of the provinces in this welcoming country. Photo by Emmett Bratt via Because Badhoevedorp is only about … Continue reading »

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Take a Slice of the Big Apple: A Getaway to New York City

New York City in the summer is a great place to vacation but, since it’s a very popular tourist destination, you should consider checking out some of the lesser known attractions. Start by staying in the middle of the quiet neighborhood of Nolita at the charming Nolitan Hotel or other New York hotels. The casually chic, boutique … Continue reading »

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Enjoying Summer in the Windy City

Chicago in the winter is not a pleasant place to be, with icy winds whistling off frozen Lake Michigan. However, summer in the Windy City is a completely different destination with daily warm weather and a balmy lake breeze. Book a stay in the middle of downtown Chicago at the gorgeous and contemporary Radisson Blu … Continue reading »

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