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5 Family-Friendly Places for Kids Who Love Horses

There is something about horses that many kids just love. Their beauty and gentleness, combined with the excitement of mounting up to actually ride them on an adventure, is a combination that will make kids excited about any destination which involves horses. Several locations, resorts, and ranches offer a variety of horseback riding experiences, so … Continue reading »

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The Oar House, Dahlonega, Georgia

  We almost missed The Oar House. Tucked away on a mountainside in Dahlonega, Georgia overlooking a scenic river, this fabulous place is a little hidden if you don’t watch carefully for the sign. And we didn’t believe our GPS when it clearly told us where the restaurant was located. It was getting dark, we were … Continue reading »

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Back Porch Oyster Bar, Dahlonega, Georgia

The first time you see the Back Porch Oyster Bar in quaint little Dahlonega, Georgia, you might think you have been tricked into a time space continuum – and isn’t it always interesting when that happens? – and you have been transported to Key West or some other, equally fabulous coastal town. But no. You are … Continue reading »

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Dahlonega Spa Resort in Dahlonega, Georgia

The first thing you need to know about Dahlonega, Georgia aside from the fact that it is completely lovely in every way, is how to pronounce the name of the place. For quite a while, when we first made arrangements to visit, I was calling it Dahlonega, pronounced like Talladega. Luckily, before we visited this … Continue reading »

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Travel Is Broadening My Mind But Also My A$$

For the last three years, we have been traveling the world as part of our full-time jobs. I write. Tom photographs. We make a great team. We have seen the Eiffel Tower, incredible cathedrals, soaring edifices erected for various Olympics, and a lighthouse perched on boulders at the edge of the sea. We have seen natural wonders … Continue reading »

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