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Las Vegas

The Incredible Hotels of Vegas:Part Two

(You can read Part One of our Vegas Hotel experiences HERE.) After walking and walking and walking and then walking some more down Las Vegas Boulevard, we decided that we hadn’t actually walked quite enough and we needed to check out a couple more hotels. First, we needed a sustenance infusion, so we found a … Continue reading »

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The Incredible Hotels of Vegas:Part One

We tried not to gawk. Seriously. But this town was simply incredible. At this point, we had already seen a guy with a boa constrictor draped over his shoulders and had posed with Bumblebee.

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Paris Las Vegas Hotel

It was deja vu all over again. We had visited Paris in November and now here we were at the Paris Hotel in Vegas, marveling at the fact that the Eiffel Tower looked exactly like the one we had just seen, albeit a trifle smaller. My expectations were honestly pretty low when it came to … Continue reading »

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The Best Kept Secret in Vegas – the Las Vegas Monorail

I sat down and slid off my sandal to check on why my bare foot was hurting and there it was – a blister. Waaay too much walking. We had walked from our fabulous and classy Paris Hotel all the way to the amazing and fascinating Luxor and I couldn’t imagine walking all that way … Continue reading »

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This is the Opposite of Writer’s Block

I don’t have writer’s block. I have…what is this…writer’s deluge? I am deluged with so many words, so many images, so many activities, so many experiences from the last few weeks that it’s hard to get them organized. The last time I was this deluged with stories was last fall when we spent a few … Continue reading »

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Burgers and Shakes and Fries, Oh My! Visiting Holsteins in Vegas For The First Time.

It wasn’t until after we had both taken a huge bite of our completely delicious burgers that I realized I should take a picture so we could show you how truly delicious they were. So, here. DELICIOUS burger. With only one bite out it. Hey, you’re lucky we managed to stop there. If you want … Continue reading »

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Vegas Virgins: Seeing Sin City for the First Time

When we stepped out of the plane in Vegas and saw people sitting at slot machines in the terminal, we knew we had truly traveled to another world. One where travelers could disembark from a plane, set down their suitcases and begin frantically feeding quarters into the one-armed bandits. We were not those people. We … Continue reading »

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