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10 Ways to Make Coming Home from a Trip More Pleasant

Posted by on August 19, 2015

Travel-Clipart-274x300You drag in your suitcases and other assorted paraphernalia (especially if you have been on a car trip), drop it all in the middle of the floor, and collapse onto the couch. Your trip was amazing in every way but now you are home, and you are exhausted. After several years of travel, here’s what I have learned that makes that coming home part of the trip a little less painful.

  1. Before you leave on the trip, make your bed.Am I the only one who loves getting into a nicely made bed with clean, fresh sheets? Surely not. If you are leaving really early so that stripping your bed and changing the sheets is way too much trouble, do it the night before. Then just quickly make up your bed before you leave. You will be so happy when you fall into it, especially if you arrive home late at night.

2. Toss used towels in the hamper and put out fresh ones the night before. Those fresh towels are going to feel so nice after your shower or bath to get off that yucky travel smell and feeling.

3. Leave duplicate toiletries in your bathroom. There is nothing as annoying as rooting through your suitcase for your shampoo and soap when all you want to do is relax in a hot bath after your travels. It’s much easier to have duplicates and, in addition, that way you can just leave your toiletries bag packed up ready for the next trip.

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