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Small Ship Cruising VS. Large Ship Cruising

Posted by on September 17, 2014

Cruise Ship in British Columbia with watermarkWe were avid large ship cruisers. We loved every single thing about an ocean cruise. The magnificent and abundant choices for dining. The fact that you only have to unpack once and your comfy accommodations travel right along with you. Plenty of time to relax, yet time to stay busy, or time to make whatever choice you want that makes you happy. We loved simply hanging out on our cabin verandah just watching the water slip by. Seriously. We loved every single thing about the experience.

So when we were offered an opportunity to take a small ship cruise, we were naturally a little hesitant. Wouldn’t the ship be uncomfortably small so we wouldn’t have any privacy? Would we have any choices about what we ate? Would we have any choices about things to do?

We are now avid small ship cruisers. Let me tell you why.

1. The Size of the Ship

One of the things we were the most worried about – that the ship would be small – ended up being one of the things we loved most about our cruises.  Our first small ship cruise was on the Safari Quest, a luxurious and comfortable yacht owned by Un-Cruise Adventures which heads to Alaska, the Snake and Columbia Rivers in Oregon, and Coastal Washington and British Columbia. This cozy yacht became our home away from home and we found it amazing that, with a small ship, you can actually get right up close to the action – which, on our cruise, meant hanging out for a couple of hours to observe a pod of Orcas and slipping into small and quiet inlets with scenic waterfalls. We spent our time doing everything from watching the astonishing scenery slip by the windows to kayaking in a still cove where we were the only ship around. We also stepped right off the ship onto shore – no waiting in long lines to get off the ship, just step out and you are there!

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