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The Tall Ships Challenge in Savanah, Georgia

Posted by on August 27, 2014

tall shipI glanced up at the masts of the Tall Ship berthed in the Savannah harbor for the Tall Ships Challenge, soaring up into the clear blue sky and appearing to pierce the puffy white clouds. The sounds of the people crowding onto River Street to see the ships fade away as I stood there, imagining the same scene two hundred years ago.

Behind me, the shops, restaurants and hotels transformed into cotton warehouses and offices where cotton was bartered and sold in a town where cotton was king, huge mansions filled the live oak lined streets and the War of 1812 was looming on the horizon. The ballast stones under my feet being tossed out of the hold of a ship to make room to load the precious cotton but don’t go to waste as the colonists build streets and walls from the stones.

Then, a sweet brown sugar smell jolted me back to the present as someone opened the door to the Savannah’s Candy Kitchen and the smell of freshly made pralines rolled out.

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