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How to Travel Stress Free

Posted by on June 3, 2014

Relaxing by the poolTravel is completely fabulous in every way. Except when it isn’t. When you are uncomfortable, can’t relax, feel homesick or are just plain stressed out, you can’t enjoy even the most wonderful destination. Even the loveliest beach resort in Hawaii can make you long to be home in your bed if you are stressed to the max. So how to truly enjoy that next trip and experience stress-free travel? Here’s a few tips to remember.

1. Travel with someone you like. Travel is not the time to test that brand new friendship or relationship unless you are pretty darn sure you are simpatico in most ways. You just found the most darling Coach purse EVER at the outlet mall and he scolds you for spending too much money? (which my husband would NEVER do, by the way) Stressful. You want to hike the rainforest while your new friend prefers to spend the entire vacation sprawled on the beach? Stressful. Choose your travel partners carefully as they can make or break that trip of a lifetime. Bad travel partner = stress.

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