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Top 10 Tips on How to Take a Stress-Free Girlfriends Getaway

Posted by on January 13, 2014

Beach GirlsMy husband does not like the beach and he does not like shopping. These happen to be two of my very favorite things so if I want to experience them; I have to take my girlfriends when I travel. Luckily, I have great girlfriends and some family members who are also good friends so it’s not a problem to find travel partners. Making sure those friends are also good travel partners who will provide a fun and stress-free vacation, however, takes a little foresight and planning. Here’s how you can also organize the perfect girlfriends getaway.

1. Choose your travel companions carefully. There is nothing quite like a trip together to really show how much you can get along with your friends. If you have a problem having lunch together and argue over the least little thing, this is probably not a person you want to share a hotel room with for a week. I just spent ten days at three different resorts with my sister-in-law and we never had one disagreement. She is sweet, easygoing and the perfect travel partner. I would travel with her anytime. I have acquaintances who indicate often they would love to go on a trip with me sometime. Believe me, that will never happen with some of them.

2. Talk about money. It’s vitally important to know how much (or at least a general idea) your travel companions have in mind to spend on this trip. Nobody wants to run out of money in the middle of a vacation. If they want to order expensive champagne with dinner, that’s just fine, but if they expect their friends to share the cost, that’s something that needs to be discussed. On a recent trip, I really wanted to spend time at the local outlet mall. My friend really didn’t have money for that on this trip. No problem, I can do that on another trip.

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