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Why Small Ship Cruising is Better

Posted by on September 10, 2013

Why-Small-Ship-Cruises-are-Better-credit-Shutterstock-305x180Why in the world would anyone give up the glamour and glitz of those huge, ocean-going cruise liners with dozens of restaurants, sprawling suites and glamorous ports of call to cruise on much smaller ships? We have cruised all over the world on those monstrous vessels, but just recently cruised on three much smaller ships and now we will choose the small ships every time. Here’s why small ship cruises are better.

Small ships are cozy and intimate

On a recent cruise through the islands of British Columbia on a yacht with Un-Cruise Adventures, I spent a great deal of the time we were cruising curled in a very comfy, cushioned corner of a couch in the tiny library reading and daydreaming as I watched the world pass by the large window. I searched fruitlessly for a similar place to read on a recent large cruise trip.

The atmosphere is friendlier

We have never made friends on any ocean liners. But on a small ship cruise in Europe on the Amadeus with AmaWaterways, we made several good, close friends with whom we have stayed in contact long after the cruise. The comfortable lounges, relaxed seating at dinner (often with great local food) and the excitement of exploring small, undiscovered ports lends an air of camaraderie to the small ship cruises.

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