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A Packing List for a Girlfriends Getaway to the Beach

Posted by on April 3, 2013

Throw a bathing suit, some sunglasses and sunblock into a bag and you are set for that next beach trip with your girlfriends, right? Well, almost. Even though you are planning a relaxing, fun-filled trip with lots of conversation and plenty of margaritas, you still might need a few more items. But you don’t need your entire closet; instead of bringing a rainbow of colors, try to colour-coordinate your items so you can mix and match and not have to pack your full wardrobe. Royal blue, turquoise and a pop of orange make a great combination.

Here’s your ultimate checklist to ensure you don’t forget what to pack on your next trip—and that you don’t end up taking too much:


A Girlfriends Getaway to the Beach

A Girlfriends Getaway to the Beach by janross53

1. Bathing suits

If you’ve ever had to pull on a clammy, wet bathing suit that didn’t have time to dry, you know how important it is to bring a couple of suits. Rinse the sand or chlorine out of your suit every night and hang it up to dry so it will last longer. Don’t forget a cute cover-up for runs to the grocery store for more cold drinks and snacks.

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