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They Don’t Just Eat Tacos in Arizona

Posted by on October 15, 2012

To those of us who travel for a living, culinary delights become crucial to enjoying the whole travel experience. We might just possibly start planning the next meal before we have completed the one in front of us.

Okay, we do. Often.

But those culinary delights, be they freshly baked éclairs from a storefront bakery in San Francisco or a brick-oven pizza from one of the hundreds of pizzerias in New York City, are an important part of a great journey. When we talk about past travels, we often mull wistfully over the perfect steak, the sublime pasta, that exquisite dessert. These lovely interludes help us to understand the local culture, whether it’s a traditional, fresh Southern biscuit or, as we experienced recently, some spicy Southwest dish.

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