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How To Not Lose Weight and Still Be Happy

Posted by on July 11, 2012

I finally gave up on Weight Watchers last month.

It was not them, it was me.

It’s an excellent, healthy, weight lost program that really works. It worked great for the two friends who joined the program with me: They both immediately lost the extra 30 pounds and became lifetime members while I weighed in at every meeting at approximately the same weight I started with three years previously.

I have a lot of excuses.

Because I’m a travel writer, I travel a lot and eat at wonderful restaurants because I also write restaurant reviews. When you write restaurant reviews, you have an obligation to order appetizers and desserts along with fabulous meals because you have to write a complete review. At least, that’s what I tell myself. When I travel, it’s really a pain to count calories/points, keep track of what I have eaten, exercise the self-control to eat an apple instead of a chocolate croissant, and make time to exercise.

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One Response to How To Not Lose Weight and Still Be Happy

  1. Shermika

    I totally understand Jan! I am back on the bandwagon with eating healthier, but it’s so hard when you enjoy such fab food 😉 Weight Watchers is an awesome program.

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