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How to Get Around Paying For your Baggage

Posted by on June 29, 2012

Remember how you used to pack whatever you wanted in your suitcases and take whatever you wanted on the plane? Not sure which outfit to bring? Oh, heck, bring them all – you might want some choices! They never weighed suitcases, you could take several, and it really didn’t matter how big they were, how heavy they were, or how awkward – just leave them at the check-in area and forget about them. Every Baby Boomer remembers those good ol’ days.

Anyone who has traveled recently, however, knows this is no longer the case. You are restricted on size and weight and, even with those restrictions, you still have to pay for your baggage if you’re traveling domestically. If you’re traveling with your family, this can get quite expensive. A chart on Airfare Watchdog lists all the charges.

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