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Sammy Does The Gulf Coast

Posted by on June 27, 2012

It all started with the snake. No, not a real snake. Do you know me at all?

Snakes belong in cages or somewhere far, far away from me where they can eat mice and be part of the circle of life and I never, ever have to see them.

It was a stuffed snake we bought for our grandson when we were in Arizona. We carried Ralph around for almost the entire trip and, when we were ready to head home, I stuck him in my purse, took a picture and sent it to our grandson, telling him that Ralph couldn’t wait to meet him. Ralph was technically supposed to be a rattlenske, since our grandson was convinced we were going to see them all over Arizona, but all we could find was a boa constrictor. Close enough.


Ralph, the snake.

Our grandson was thrilled with Ralph and, when our daughter told us how much he loved him and how we should have sent more pictures, we figuratively slapped ourselves on the foreheads. We should have taken more pictures of him! All over Arizona! In the desert!

Well, we would not let that opportunity pass again.

When we headed out on our press trip of Navarre Beach, we decided to stop for a few days in Gulf Shores, Alabama because we had been there for our honeymoon back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We had a lovely time at the Perdido Beach Resort, gorged ourselves on seafood at Lulu’s and, in a gift shop at the Perdido Beach Resort, we found Sammy.

Sammy the shark.

Sammy loved the Perdido Beach Resort. Especially the view.

Sammy enjoying the view.

He loved the buffet breakfast every morning and was quite a fan of the waffles.

Sammy + waffles = YUM.

We spent an entire day in Mobile at the gorgeous Bellingrath Gardens and discovered that Sammy adores flowers.

Sammy says stop and smell the flowers. They are quite, quite lovely.


Sammy riding a lion at the Bellingrath Gardens. Forward, lion!

Taking it easy.

Surprisingly, given his macho reputation, Sammy likes to shop.

Coach outlet. Our idea of heaven, right Sammy?

Sammy also appreciates cute shoes.

Now, you might think that I was the only who was getting into the whole idea of this stuffed shark accompanying us everywhere, taking pictures of him and generally enjoying the silliness of it.

You would be so wrong.

Tom was just as silly as I was. When we drove to Mobile, we passed a souvenir shop in Orange Beach that had this ridiculously huge shark outside. He just about drove off the road in his excitement at the idea of taking of picture of our shark with that shark. Together.

See? See how cool that would be? Yes, dear, I see.

He made sure we stopped on the way back to get a picture or him and our shark with the big shark.

Big shark, little shark. And a silly grandfather.

 In respect to honest journalism even when writing about a stuffed shark, I must tell you that Sammy enjoys a brewski every now and then. As does Tom.

Sammy and Tom sharing a beer at Lulu's.

From Gulf Shores, we headed to Navarre Beach where Sammy proceeded to have a whole series of adventures. He loved staying at our gorgeous condo at Summerwind, courtesy of Gulf Blue Vacations.  He had a ball at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station.

Sammy clowning around at the sign.


Trying to blend in with the turtles.

Contemplating shell collecting at the beach later.



 Sammy also really enjoyed visiting the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

What the heck is THAT?


Dude. I am not a kangaroo baby. Get me out of here.


Ewwwww....he's slobbering on me!

Sammy was very adventurous and he was all about zipling at Adventures Unlimited.

Hey! Don't you dudes have a smaller helmet?

 All these activities were great but we are at the beach, right? Let’s hit the waves! Or at least the beach chair.

Swimming and sunbathing with Jan.


After a long day in the sun, there is nothing like a beer on the Navarre pier. And if it’s Saint Patrick’s day, that beer should be green. Of course.

Who cares if it's green? It's BEER, dude.


Sammy had a great time on the Gulf Coast. As did we.

But even tough little sharks get tired after a long day of fun in the sun.

Nite, nite little shark.


2 Responses to Sammy Does The Gulf Coast

  1. Annie - FootTracker

    Haha, I love the last photo when Mr. Shark is sleeping in bed XD

    Last year I also saw a business women taking photos of the airplane with a stuffed toy because she cant bring her son along to her business trip. The lady told me she will make the photos into an album, and give it to her son with the toy when she goes home.
    Annie – FootTracker recently posted..Off the Grid(Chart) Food Truck Specials!

    • Jan Ross

      My grandson is here with me in a beach house, so I got to show him the post as soon as I put it up and he loved it! It was a lot of fun to do.

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