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Foodie Tours: An Introduction to Local Specialties for Less

Posted by on June 25, 2012

My husband and I have learned that we don’t need nearly as much food as we had previously consumed when traveling. In fact, we have even cut down on our calories at home. Maybe it’s our age, maybe it’s being a little overweight, but we have both agreed we are fine with eating a little less. Two meals a day and maybe a little, healthy snack and we are both satisfied.

But even if you are sensible and cut way down on the amount of food you eat when traveling, you are still going to have some food expenses and, if you are not careful, they can be a big part of your travel budget.

There are many different ways to cut down on the food part of your travel budget, but one of the most enjoyable, as we have recently discovered, is local foodie tours. For roughly the price of one nice restaurant meal, you can enjoy samples (some quite substantial) at a variety of restaurants, bakeries and other, more unique venues, like vinegar and oil shops. It’s also a great introduction to a location as the tour guides are invariably knowledgeable about the area. So even though we’ve cut down on the amount of food we eat, we still want what we eat to be wonderful and scrumptious – and “foodie tours” are a great way to find the best local specialties.

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2 Responses to Foodie Tours: An Introduction to Local Specialties for Less

  1. Shermika

    I have never been on a foodie tour, but sure want too. I see some great ones in places like Atlanta and Savannah. The vinegar and oil shops sound neat! Where did you go to one of those at? The tour in Arizona sounds really nice since you actually get to go to restaurants. I am making it a point to go on a foodie tour on my next trip!
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    • Jan Ross

      Yes, we love foodie tours and I have started searching them out everywhere we go. We went to an oil and vinegar shop in Scottsdale and they gave us little samples on chunks of bread. Interesting – and delicious!

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