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The Most Perfect Condo in Navarre Beach – Summerwind Resort

Posted by on June 15, 2012

Why, yes. Yes, it is just that gorgeous.

We stepped through the door of our condo at the Summerwind Resort in Navarre Beach, Florida with pretty high expectations.

I had been coming to nearby Pensacola Beach, also on Santa Rosa Island, since I was a little girl so I knew the snow white sand and emerald water were going to make a pretty nice view since all the Summerwind condos face the fantastic Gulf view. Gulf Blue Vacations had been kind enough to provide us with a beachfront condo so we had not asked for any details because seriously?

Beachfront condo.

You just say thank you very much and go check in.

So, when we walked into the entrance hall and saw one bedroom, then another bedroom, then a gorgeous kitchen and living room with the most incredible view, we dropped our bags and went to have a look. At that point, we were very happy with the two bedrooms and bathroom we had seen so far since, after all, there were only two of us but then, as we dashed through the living room to the balcony to drink in the amazing view, we realized there was a third bedroom  – a large master bedroom with a huge, walk-in closet and yet another bathroom.

We exchanged a look. Seriously? A three bedroom condo, beautifully decorated, right on the beach, just for the two of us?

 Seriously. Could life get any better?

Then we stepped out on the balcony and realized that yes, yes it could. Because that view surpassed all our expectations.

White sand. Check. Emerald water. Check.

We also had a perfect view of the Navarre pier, which has as its claim to fame being the gulf’s longest fishing pier.

View of the Navarre fishing pier from our balcony.

 If we looked sideways from our balcony, we could see a long stretch of the gorgeous gulf coast.

Side view of Summerwind and the beach.

We put off unpacking and just sat on the balcony, enjoying our incredible view and the warm sun.

I'll just hang out here all day, m'kay?

 Finally, we bestirred ourselves enough to get inside and get unpacked.

Looking into the living room from the balcony.


Lovely dining area.

We decided we had enjoyed our condo and the view quite long enough and it was time to take a walk, so we headed outside, strolled by the lovely pool on the property, which is a wonderful plus, especially for families. Then we were again stunned by the incredible view right in front of Summerwind.

Magnificent beach right in front of Summerwind.

 We walked to the Navarre pier which is right beside Summerwind and offers some great fishing opportunities, along with a very nice little restaurant and looked back at our condo.

View of Summerwind from the Navarre pier.

Navarre pier with Summerwind in the background.


The sun, the sand, the water – they all combined to create that fabulous beach mood. You know that mood? That beach mood? The one you get when you are staying in a quite marvelous condo on a quite fabulous beach and the days are long and lazy and quite, quite fabulous.

I recommend you find that mood immediately.

Full disclosure: Our condo was provided by Gulf Blue Vacations, but as always, I will share my honest opinion about any travel experiences I have.

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One Response to The Most Perfect Condo in Navarre Beach – Summerwind Resort

  1. Vicki Judy

    Perfect in every way, I agree. One of my favs.

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