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The Junipine Resort in Sedona, Arizona

Posted by on March 29, 2012

Check out my review of the Junipine Resort on as well HERE.

We dropped our luggage and walked straight back through the living room to the deck because, through the sliding glass doors, we could see it.

The view.

The incredible, mesmerizing, gorgeous view of the snow-topped mountains, the trees, the creek, the….we were overwhelmed with the beauty.

Wouldn't you be amazed by this view?

We saw a great deal of jaw-dropping scenery when we were in Arizona but Sedona was truly one of the most amazing places we have ever seen. It started with our stay at the wonderful Junipine Resort, just a few miles outside town. The drive from town out to the Junipine Resort has such incredible scenery that we had to stop several times to take pictures. Luckily, there are plenty of places to pull off the road since everyone else wants to do the very same thing.

One of the many gorgeous mountain views in Sedona.

Be aware that your GPS may not find this location for some reason, so just program in another location on that same road. This worked fine for us; once we were on the correct road, we found Junipine from the address we had.

You have arrived!

We honestly didn’t know what to expect from this resort tucked away in the woods in the middle of mountains and burbling streams. The website talks about “creekhouses” overlooking Oak Creek but what the heck were creekhouses? Chris Bosselmann, the General Manager, assured me that he would put us in a creekhouse with a great view.

Now that we have stayed there, I think I can safely say that there are no creekhouses with a bad view. And what are creekhouses? They are incredibly lovely and luxurious villas that are overwhelmingly wonderful in every single way.

We checked in, then headed to our own little piece of paradise at the Junipine Resort. Our very own private creekhouse.

The front of our lovely creekhouse.

By this time in our Arizona journey, we had stayed at some really, really lovely hotels but it was extremely nice to spread out in a beautiful townhouse with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge kitchen, two wonderful fireplaces and the most incredible view we had seen so far in our travels. We really loved the fireplace in the living room – there was also one in the master bedroom which would be lovely on a cold and snowy winter night.

Me, mesmerized by the warm fire and the incredible view of mountains through the sliding glass doors.

Just so you can appreciate the size of this fireplace.

The living room furniture was cushy and comfortable which was great since we spent a lot of time lolling around on it in the evening doing absolutely nothing and it was great.

Lovely place for doing nothing.

We stopped at a grocery in town and stocked up on food so we could prepare some meals ourselves. We ate them right here, unable to tear our eyes off the view.

Beautiful dining area.

If we had timed it better, we could have paid a visit to the Junipine Cafe and Grill, which is supposed to have fabulous fish, freshly caught in the creek. Unfortunately, they were closed when we were there but here’s a video clip to give you an idea.

The creekhouse was perfect for us as we spread out and took over the entire place and I relegated Tom to the other bathroom and bedroom. Which was ironic when I decided it was just a little too big and went upstairs to share his bedroom for the night. Hey. There could have been bears in those woods. Although, I have to admit, they were probably completely uninterested in a couple of tourists from Kentucky. Or from anywhere actually.

But the creekhouses would truly be perfect for families. With two bedrooms, there is plenty of room for everyone and there’s tons of things to do in nearby Sedona. I’m going to tell you all about our off-road adventure with Pink Jeep Tours soon. Here’s some ideas for things to do in the area. There’s dozens of hiking trails in the area and one of the nicest things about Junipine is that they have their own hiking trail right on the property. Just head back behind the cafe to the creek and you’ll see the prettiest little trail winding along beside the creek and up the mountain.

The lovely creek right by the hiking trail.

We hiked this entire trail which sounds more impressive than it is since it’s a pretty short trail. It actually branches off onto another trail which heads straight up the mountain. They told us at the checkin area that you could take this trail all the way up the mountain and end up in the snow.

We had no desire to hike all the way up that mountain.

All we desired was going back to our comfy, cushy seat in front of the fire in our creekhouse.

And admiring that view some more.

So that’s precisely what we did.

Full disclosure: Our accommodations were provide by the Junipine Resort, but as always, I will share my honest opinion about any travel experiences I have.

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7 Responses to The Junipine Resort in Sedona, Arizona

  1. inka

    Arizona is one of my dream destinations in the US, on y plan for when I return in November. I msu bookmark this hotel. I could jump right into your pictures. I’m so glad we are kindred spirits in what a great hotel should be like.
    inka recently posted..SRF/Eskisehir – that’s what I call a ‘Boutique Hotel’

  2. Francy R

    You should have a great time how it couldn’t be in such a beautiful and relaxing place! It’s a shame you hadn’t time to have lunch at Junipine Cafe…it should have been very tasty..looking at the video!!

  3. Renee King

    I really enjoyed my time in Sedona, so it’s nice to get a first hand account of another lodging possibility for me.
    Renee King recently posted..A Review of the Lodge at CopperHead in Blairsville, Georgia

  4. Ayngelina

    I have been reading a lot about Arizona lately, I have to admit as a Canadian I didn’t know very much but I’ve been tempted to go down and check it out.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Food Friday: A Chef’s Cozumel

    • Jan Ross

      We knew nothing about Arizona either, aside from the Grand Canyon, and were really surprised at the beauty. We were also astonished at the difference between Sedona and the rest of Arizona; they are really nothing at all alike. I’d like to go back to Flagstaff and that area because I think it will be completely different as well.

  5. Emme Rogers @ Roamancing

    Really must make a point of visiting Arizona one of these days.
    Emme Rogers @ Roamancing recently posted..Egyptian Street Food Favourites

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