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WordPress for Dummies 3: How to Change those Permalinks

Posted by on September 23, 2011

Sometimes, I am totally amazed at my WordPress dummy-ness. If you have read this post and this one, you know that I am truly a WordPress Dummy and I often find myself stepping back in astonishment  at the things I have been doing wrong because I didn’t know any better and hadn’t taken the time to figure it out or was maybe just so befuddled with the whole program I was lucky to even put up posts. Maybe I can help at least one other dummy out there with some of these posts.

No offense.

From the time I first began writing blog posts, I did not like the fact that they were assigned numbers up there in the url instead of the actual blog title. When I went to Google Analytics to figure out which posts were being read the most, I had to actually follow those numbers to figure out what they were. I did this for a significant amount of time.

Surely, someone else did this. Please tell me you did.

Anyway, I finally got completely fed up and decided to try to change that.


It could not possibly be any easier. Picture me slapping my forehead repeatedly as you read this.

Go to a post you are writing. See up by the title where it says “Change Permalinks”? Click on that. See that super-easy page that pops up and lets you change the way your blog titles look?


Please don’t smack yourself in the forehead.

I have done it enough for both of us.

I also just figured out the other day that, instead of going to a site that makes your links shorter, you can just click on that “Get Shortlink” button up there and it will do it for you.

I am going to figure out WordPress.

It just may take a few years. Or decades. Whatever.

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