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Irresistible Ireland

Posted by on August 10, 2011

We were determined not to be slack-jawed Americans, who stare at the unfamiliar in Ireland in incredible awe – we fail. But this was different. This was incredible. This was a castle. We stood outside the hotel and tried to be cool and calm and not let anyone know that inside we were as giddy as school kids at the thought that we were going to be staying and sleeping in an actual castle.

Dromoland Castle is actually an ancient castle which has been converted into a luxury hotel. We should have suspected how fabulous it would be as we drove through the stone gateway and wound through gorgeous acres of lush grass, saw the green rolling hills of the world-class golf course and beautiful, old trees covered with gold and copper fall leaves, but it was as we pulled up to the ivy-covered front of the gray stone walled castle that we realized this could very well be the highlight of our trip.

This is the first article in a new magazine I am writing for called “Senior Living“, which is out of Vancouver. You can read the rest of the article in a .pdf HERE.

2 Responses to Irresistible Ireland

  1. Stephanie - The Travel Chica

    Nothing wrong with being a slack-jawed American sometimes :-)

  2. km

    This made me laugh. I’m Irish but my 2 kids are from CT. They love to go “home” with me. When they ask to stop at every second field because there’s a castle ruin in them, my 13 year old Irish nephew, in his old farmer voice, confirms “Americans are cracked for castles”
    He, on the other hand, loves drive thrus here in this country. He finds it fascinating that you can even pick up your drycleaning through drive through:)

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