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A Day in Danville, Kentucky

Posted by on July 5, 2011

Once a week, I hop in my car and make the 45-minute drive to Danville to visit my mom. Since I live on the south side of town, it’s easiest for me to just get on the Bluegrass, get off at the Harrodsburg exit, take the bypass around Harrodsburg and end up just outside Danville. I don’t mind the trip at all – I enjoy spending time with my mom and Danville has a lot to offer for a day trip.

One of the first things I always do when I arrive or on my way out of town is drop by Burke’s Bakery. I’m not sure how long Burke’s has been in Danville but I know they were there in the early 70’s when I was the Children’s Librarian at the Danville Public Library and the cakes, cookies and doughnuts are just as delicious as they were back then. Homemade, fresh and wonderful, they are well worth a stop on Main Street. Burke’s is one of the few places that don’t take debit or credit cards, so make sure you bring your cash with you. But you won’t need much; their prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Read the rest of this article from “Ky Doc” Magazine’s June/July 2011 issue HERE.

4 Responses to A Day in Danville, Kentucky

  1. jade

    this sounds like the perfect locals secret! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Scott - Ordinary Traveler

    Sounds yummy. I can’t resist a good bakery!

  3. robin

    Hm, doughnuts….

  4. Grace

    Sounds like a nice way to spend the day in Danville, Kentucky. Quaint and filled with yummy delights.

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