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Yes, you can wear that bathing suit but should you?

Posted by on June 9, 2011

I tried not to visibly cringe as the rather large woman with two, no make that three rolls of pudge between the top of her bikini and the bottom strolled by the pool of my cruise ship. She was not the first woman I would see on my Caribbean cruise dressed in an inappropriate bathing suit and she would not be the last. It was not the bikini itself – it was quite darling and it actually fit. Although why the manufacturer would make one quite that large befuddles me. It was not her age – you could be 70 and still look good in a bikini.

It was the rather obvious fact (to everyone else except the wearer, apparently) that the bikini was quite simply very, very unflattering. A well-fitting one piece bathing suit in a beautiful color or print would have looked so much better. Why do so many women do this to themselves? Here’s why and what to do about it. At least for yourself. Because I can’t think of any way to walk to up to a total stranger and tell them the bikini is absolutely not the way to go.

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