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What is this “duty-free” of which you speak?

Posted by on April 20, 2011

Until I went on a Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Liberty recently with a bunch of girlfriends I always thought “duty-free” was a bunch of hooey. Yes, I said hooey. Now I’ll go get out my walking stick and go get one of them new-fangled perms all the gals are talking about. And I think I might have just lost the point I was trying to make by using the word “new-fangled”.

I thought “duty-free” was just another excuse to get all those vacationers into the shops to stuff their shopping bags full of items that could be had back home for roughly the same price. Y’all? I was wrong.

This is the first cruise where I have actually gone to one of those shopping talks they have before they embark at a port. Previously, I had traveled with my husband who was about as interested in shopping as he is in packing a rabid marmoset into his suitcase. So, really? Not very interested.

I have always shopped when we were vacationing because well. I have always shopped. Do I really need to clarify? But I basically just wandered around, going where I wanted and buying what I wanted. I always ended up with nice things but I was apparently shopping the wrong way. This right here? This is the right way.

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One Response to What is this “duty-free” of which you speak?

  1. Raymond

    I got distracted at “hooey” instead of “new-fangled” — in any event, good post on duty-free! It was my duty to tell you this… :)

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